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  • The Adventures in Trucking blog is published by Wayne and Cindy, a husband and wife truck driving team. This blog details what it's like to have the opportunity to drive around the United States for a living. The Web site focuses on the travel aspect of trucking, and includes photos and stories about the places the pair gets to travel.
  • Life on the Road, a Blogspot blog, is written by Chris, a 20-something trucker based in California who drives the 18 western states on two-week runs. The blog includes beautiful photographs of many of the sights the publisher enjoys along his route, and also features brief articles about his trucking adventures.
  • Jean Catudal's Blog on Trucking shares insights on the truck driving life, presented from the perspective of a Canadian truck driver with extensive driving experience. Parts of the blog are published in French, and others are written in English.
  • The Trucking Life is written by professional trucker James Binford, who is based in Seattle, Washington. The blog's motto is for truckers by a trucker, and includes a wide variety of information of interest to truckers and other people interested in learning more about life on the road.
  • Trucking Life is published on Blogspot by professional truck driver Lyndon Lomanovskis from Alberta, Canada. The blog includes photographs depicting life on the road, as well as articles about driving and the areas through which the writer travels.
  • The World of the Truck Driver blog is published by professional driver Dick Lower, who has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Articles posted to the blog cover various topics related to truck driving, including facts about working in the field, how to become a driver, and information about jobs in the industry.

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Bart komt overal... Melktransport.nl Andys page Lkw Stefan
Ed Lenders (Renaultoloog) Middenoostenchauffeurs nl ! Die Trucker seite de Mario & Silke
Engelandvaarders Theu, ich mot gaon Eder Daniel T&T Martin Kirsch
Farmdrivers Trucks4Life Fernfahrer.cc  Schwedische-Greif - F. Jacoby
Guus Halberstadt on tour Wees Jan van Fernfahrer Stammtisch Truckonline.de!
Harry Stam RTT Wim Lagerweij ! Fenske Truckerflirt
Harry Stam.nl Zandhazen Johan Globetrucker org! Truckerworld.eu
Langeveld     TrucknCountry (Geocoding)
  div. international: Lastwagenfuehrer.ch Truckosoph Stefan Scmid 
   Lorry Spotting Lastwagenchauffeure.ch  
  Fiers d'etre routiers    
  UK Truckdrivers    
  Asfalt Cowboy's Brasil    

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Ieps Truckblog (journalist)! Scaniaproject Tukker Guido Fernfahrerblog.de
Iepie Leaks Prototypen Stip's Adventure Vastgereden. nl Jamie Hasler.ch!!
Jong de Tim (truckjournalist) Trailertotaal! Verweij Scania in Amerika! Joe64 weg nach Canada
Jan Romkes Truck & Milieu! Willem de Schaker blogspot.com! Tom Hasler.ch
Piet de Boer  (MUR) Transportwereld.punt.nl   Truckonline Maik
      Bigg Lorry Blog !! (roadtransport.com)
      Luke's Lorry Driver Blog

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Bekkevoortse truckers vrienden Tr. Workers Federation ! BKU rhld.-paflz. Routiers.ch
Belgium truckersclub Truckaid Limburg Bund Berufskraftfahrer.de Aargau
Chauffeurstoekomst.nl Truckers G.K.B. - Boxmeer EUKV berufsfahrerverband Beider Basel
Chauffeursverenigingen Truckrun Horst Fernfahrerclub.com Bern
Chauffeurs Friesland Truckrun Zuid-Beveland MAN Truckersworld Berneroberland
Chauffeurs ver. Flakkee Tukker Truckers Roadstars.at!  
Chauffeurs Reusel Turf Truckers Swissarmy Emmenthal Oberaargau
Chauffeurs Zundert UICR ! Tr. Workers Federation ! Graubünden
Drivers uut Salland   Truckerclub gemeinschaft Luzern
Globetrotter club nl USA Truckclub-nl UICR ! Obwalden
IBMC nl Veenendaalse Truckers Wiggertal truckerclub Säntis
Kingsclub Scania Ver.  Beroepschauffeurs Worldtrucker (Volvo) Schaffhausen  N.O. schweiz
Lichtmis Worldtrucker (Volvo) Swiss-Drivers: Rheintal
Nienoord Truckers Wychense Truckers Swiss-Drivers Thurgau
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